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Ground pepper day

PepperFor those of you who are only satisfied by salacious revelations from my private life, here’s a bombshell. I bought this box of pepper over the weekend.

I was looking for whole peppercorns but I was in a rush so I didn’t read the box properly. I just looked at the picture of whole peppercorns and thought ‘does exactly what it says on the tin.’ Of course it turned out to be ground pepper. Bloody Ronseal.

Which goes to show that readers often pay a lot more attention to the pictures than they do to the words. So make sure your pictures count.


Why maps are quicker

Obviously a picture paints a thousand words. Fact. So an animation with lots of scrolling captions and flashy zoom-ins must paint about a million words.

That’s why Maps of War is my new favourite site. It’s got loads of animated maps which make complex history straight-forward and fun.

As all copywriters know, there are times when it’s easier to present information graphically instead of labouriously writing it out. The religion map above is a good example – it does the work of half an hour’s reading in about 90 seconds.

So down with words, and up with funky graphics. I’m off to the job centre.