Simpsons plot Jacko downfall

Sideshow Bob

This is hardly a ground breaking thing to say, but The Simpsons is very good. This evening, Sky showed a particularly prescient episode called Funeral for a Fiend in which Sideshow Bob fakes his own death. The death of the ’10-time attempted murderer’ causes a mass outpouring of grief and leads to a huge celebrity funeral. 

The highlight of the funeral is when Krusty the Clown sits at the piano to sing a song that sounds suspiciously like Candle in the Wind. The chorus goes:

“And it seems to me that your loyal fans
Oughta buy this DVD
Of all your best-loved sketches
From The Krusty Show

I’m not going to discuss the rights and wrongs of cashing in on the Prince of Pop’s death. I’m sure he’d have wanted it this way. But corporate grief is big business these days. And the more TV shows that point out how increasingly engineered it’s becoming, the better.


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