How did I become an expert in playground football? Search me


 The great thing about having a high search ranking on Google is that affords you instant credibility. Obviously, people don’t believe everything they read online, but there is a growing sense that if you come high up on a particular search you must know what you’re talking about.

Take a few examples: search Google for ‘news’ and the first result you’ll get will be BBC – the experts. Search for ‘chocolate’ and the top suggestion will be ‘Cadbury’s’ – the experts. Search for ‘half-truths’ and you get Wikipedia – you know where I’m going with this.

Because Google can bestow instant ‘expert status’ on a website I’m delighted that my own ventures in search engine optimisation are beginning to bore fruit. I’ve been dabbling in SEO since I started this blog, partly to get a bit more traffic, and partly out of professional curiosity.

And though it took a while for me to get any hits from Google, SEO seems to be a bit like pulling a jumbo jet – it may be difficult to get it started but once it’s moving it’s easier to take-off than stop. I’ve no idea of what the secret of SEO is (although you may find it on Kieron Hughes’s excellent SEO site But in my case, getting my site indexed by Google – you can do it here – was definitely the turning point.

The reason I know people can find me on Google is that WordPress have a clever stats package that tells me all the search terms that bring people to my site. So imagine my delight the other day when I noticed that the search ‘what are the rules of middle school football’ had brought me a visitor.

I hurriedly typed it into Google and found that this blog was the fifth result. Success! So now, thanks to this post, I’m officially an expert in my field. Even if it is the school field.


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