How to fit your Tweets into 140 characters


There are plenty of blogs about how to use fewer characters and fit more into your Tweets. But I’ve not come across many guides that deal with this problem from a copywriting perspective. Here are a few simple tricks that can help you write more concisely and cram more of your brilliance into each Tweet. And to show you how easy it to fit an idea into a Tweet, each tip is less than 140 characters long.

1. Keep yourself out of it

Don’t say ‘my’ or ‘I am’. If you’re writing a tweet it’s a fairly safe bet you’re talking about yourself. So don’t reiterate.

2. Hyphens – are quicker

Use hyphens to skip to another idea mid-sentence – you’ll save words as you don’t have to finish the sentence formally.

3. Keep superlatives short

When using superlatives, save space by only writing the superlative. Awesome. In a short tweet it’s obvious what you’re praising. Fantastic.

4. Make common phrases shorter

Turn longer phrases into shorter ones: ‘In order to’ > ‘to’. ‘Because’ > ‘as’. ‘At the moment’ > ‘now’. ‘Unable to’ > ‘Can’t’.

5. Get rid of ‘that’

You’ll usually find that you can get rid of ‘that’. Read the last sentence again without the first ‘that’. See – you can. So eliminate ‘that’.

6. Save words with descriptive verbs

Use descriptive verbs to paint a picture with one word. So ‘stormed’ instead of ‘walked quickly’, ‘promote’ instead of ‘tell people’.


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